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    Email Discontinuation Support

    Effective Monday, February 17, 2020 all email accounts provided by Ritter Communications will be discontinued. Your email service will be affected by this change if it ends in any of the following:

    • @rittermail.com
    • @ritternet.com
    • @eritter.net 

    We encourage you to set up a new email address with one of the many providers that offer free email services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. These are available at no cost and offer better tools and functionality than the current Ritter Communications email system.


    1. If your Ritter email is your contact email for our services, please contact us at 888.336.4466 to update your Ritter account with your new email address.
    2. If you’re using this email address as a username for any of your online accounts or social media, we suggest you update those accounts to your new email address as well.

    After setting up your new email address, if you need help forwarding your email or exporting your contacts and emails, please see below for detailed step-by-step instructions.

    HOW TO
    How to Forward Your Ritter Email
    Your Ritter Communications email service can be forwarded to your new email address up until Monday, February 17, 2020. Here's how:
    1. Click "Preferences" on the top tab
    2. Then click "Mail" on the left toolbar
    3. In the space under "Message Arrival: Forward a copy to:", enter your new email address
    4. Select the "Remove a local copy of message" checkbox if you do not want your email to stay in your Ritter email inbox after it has been forwarded to your new email account
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots01


    How to Import Your Ritter Email Inbox to Gmail
    Your Ritter email can be imported into a new Gmail account up until Monday, February 17, 2020. Here's how:
    1. Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen.
    2. Then click "Settings"
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots02
    3. On the next screen, click "Accounts and Imports"
    4. Then click "Import email and contacts"
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots03
    5. A box will appear and you can enter your Ritter email address here and click "Continue".
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots04
    6. On the next screen you can enter the password for your Ritter email account.
    7. Under "Pop username" you can enter your full Ritter email address
    8. Under "Pop server" enter "pop.rittermail.com" and Click the "Continue" button.
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots05
    9. At the next screen within the box, make sure "Import mail", "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server" and "Add label to all imported mail" are checked. Do not check "Archive incoming messages".
    10. Click the "Start import" button.
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots06
    11. You'll see a new screen within the box explaining that your email messages will be imported to your new account. This import can take anywhere from a few hours or up to 2 days. Click the "OK" button.
    12. If your contacts did not import, which is a common occurrence, you can import them manually following the instructions in the FAQ tab below.
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots07


    How to Export Your Ritter Email Contacts
    Your Ritter Communications email contacts can be exported up until Monday, February 17, 2020. Here's how:
    1. Click "Preferences" on the top tab
    2. Then click "Import/Export" on the left toolbar
    3. Under "Export", choose the "Contacts" option
    4. In the drop-down menu that appears beside it, select "Outlook 2003 Contacts" to create a .csv file of all of your contacts that can then be uploaded to your new email account
    5. Click "Export" and the .csv file will download to your computer
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots08


    How to Manually Import Your Contacts to Gmail
    Your .csv file of contacts can be manually imported into a new Gmail account. Here's how:
    1. Click the circle menu with the dots on the top right
    2. Then click "Contacts"
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots09
    3. On the next screen, click "Import Contacts"
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots10
    4. In the dialog box click "Select File" and find the .csv file of contacts you'd like to import
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots11
    5. Click "Import"
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots12
    6. You'll see your contacts and an "All done" notification at the bottom right of the screen
      Email Sunset FAQ Screenshots13


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