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    Can’t connect to the internet?
    Follow these simple steps.
    1. Check to see if there are any lights appearing on the modem. If not, make sure your power connection is secured on both ends (to the wall outlet and to the modem).
    2. If the lights appear to be normal and internet still isn’t working correctly, unplug the power cord and wait 30 seconds so the box powers completely off.
    3. Once 30 seconds has passed, plug the power cord back into the modem and wait for it to come back online. This could take up to 2 minutes.

    Check your connection. If you’re still experiencing issues, give our 24/7 technical support team a call at 888.659.6009.

    Is there anything I can do to speed up fixing my internet issue?

     Yes! Before you give us a call follow these steps.

    1. Download our “Ritter Support” app in the App Store or on Google Play.
    2. Click “Begin” and “Network Scan”.Place your smartphone next to your modem. (Two to three feet in front of the modem is suggested.) The scan will take about two minutes.
    3. Call our 24/7 Technical Support team at 888.659.6009 and provide the eight digit code to the representative.The code will appear at the end of your network scan.

    The Ritter Support app allows us to better understand what the issue with your internet experience may be so we can find a solution. You can send wifi scan results and pictures through the app to provide us with important information so we can determine if your box is wired correctly, if it is located in an appropriate area to get the best coverage for your home and more.

    The Ritter Support App is a tool to help customers of Ritter Communications with technical support for their wireless internet services. It will not work if you do not have wireless internet service. For other service related inquiries, please give us a call at 888.659.6009.

    How do I connect to a wireless network?

    Connecting wirelessly allows you to access the internet without having a wired connection to the modem. This video will walk you through how to wirelessly connect all your devices to your network, including computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes. 



    How do I install my new modem?
    Modem install instruction such as the DG3450 and the TG3452 series can be found on our user guides page. To confirm you are accessing the correct instructions for the modem model you have, give our technical support team a call at 888.659.6009.
    Why is the internet speed I am getting inconsistent with the speed I subscribe to?

    Many variables affect actual internet speeds received by our customers that are outside of Ritter’s network control, creating fluctuations in each customer’s experience and restricting our ability to guarantee that any internet speed will be available at all times. This is standard across our industry and not a reflection of Ritter’s capability or service levels. Examples of factors that can create these inconsistencies include:

    • Number of internet devices being used in your home simultaneously;
    • How these devices are being used (bandwidth-intensive uses like streaming Netflix, online gaming, FaceTime video calls or YouTube downloads, versus less-intensive usage like internet surfing or email) and how many concurrent sessions are in use (playing an online game while also streaming music on Pandora);
    • The number of customers using the network simultaneously, and whether their usage is light (email) or heavy (Netflix or gaming); and/or
    • The WiFi configuration, placement of the WiFi router, and possible interference, such as microwaves, halogen lighting, fluorescent lighting and even the type of insulation in your home. Your internet experience will be only as fast as the slowest path between you and your destination device.

    Customers should expect to always receive at least 60% of the internet speed they subscribe to, and in most cases, much more than that. If you are experiencing lower than this benchmark, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team at 888-649-6009 for more technical and specific troubleshooting.

    Why do I have two streams on my internet connection?

    When you set up your internet service for the first time you might see two streaming options (example: “ARRIS – 2E4A” and “ARRIS-2E4A-5G”). One option has an extra “5G” at the end of the name.

    The reason there is more than one stream to your home wireless network is because it lets you have a better internet experience. Two steams allow you to more evenly spread out your household bandwidth.

    If you have multiple internet using devices (cellphone, laptop, TV box, etc.) you can spread them out between the two different streams. By spreading out your devices over multiple streams you are less likely to congest your network and experience slower speeds for each device.

    Think of it like lanes of traffic. One-hundred cars going down a 2 lane road is better than 100 cards going down a one lane road. In this example the cars represent your internet activities like streaming Netflix, playing X-Box and browsing social media on your smartphone and the lanes represent the streams that make up your wifi network. To learn more about what effects the internet speed on your internet using devices, click here.

    What’s the difference between the 5G network stream and the normal network stream (a.k.a. 2.4 GHz stream)?

    5G is meant for devices close to the modem. This would include standard devices that stay put like an Xbox, desktop computer, home security system or baby monitor.

    The other network stream (a.k.a. the 2.4 gigahertz stream) is best to connect to devices that move around your home. This would include cellphones, laptops, tablets and other mobile internet using devices.

    The 2.4 GHz stream is a little slower than the 5G stream. However, the 2.4 GHz stream actually has a larger reach or radius around the modem than the 5G stream, which makes it a more reliable connection.

    What is internet data usage?
    Internet data usage refers to all traffic that travels through a customer’s cable modem through activities such as surfing the internet, sending and receiving email, online gaming and streaming video through apps such as Netflix or YouTube. Traffic is measured in gigabytes (GB).
    How much data do I need?

    To best answer this, speak to a representative by calling 844.336.4499. Gauging how much data someone needs differs between each person based on the internet activities your household does. 

    With that being said, as of November of 2015, research shows that the median average per household in North America is roughly 57 GB per month. With more and more internet using devices entering your home, you can expect this number to increase. As of May 2018, the average Ritter internet customer uses 300 GB of data each month. If you want to know more about what type of activities equal how much data usage, check out this helpful infographic.

    How much internet speed do I need for my household?

    Different activities require different internet speeds, so your needs may vary depending on what activities you do and how often. To learn more about what speeds are commonly needed to stream Netflix, Hulu or YouTube videos, to work from home, to play online video games and more, check out this helpful infographic.

    You can also test your internet speed to see whether you may need to upgrade.

    What causes high internet data usage?

    Several factors contribute to high usage, but much of it comes down to frequent activity. If you have devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones or security cameras that are constantly running, it’s likely your usage numbers will be high. You can take a number of steps to limit your usage, including:

    • Make sure your connection is password protected. You can greatly cut down on your data numbers if fewer people have access to your network. In addition, it is a violation of our AUP for subscribers to resell or intentionally share our services. You should be aware that you are liable for any illegal activity that takes place on your network, regardless of who commits the violation, so make sure you control who has permission to use your WiFi. If you have a Ritter Communications issued router, your technician put a password on your Wi-Fi network during your installation. If you aren’t utilizing Ritter equipment, see your manufacturer’s website for instructions to set up a password for it. 
    • If you regularly stream video, apps like Netflix or Hulu allow you to adjust your resolution quality to pull data at a lower rate. You can do this by accessing the settings menu on those apps. Also, when using apps like YouTube, choose standard definition feeds over high-definition ones when available.
    • Update your antivirus and security software to ensure it is up to date. You may be unaware of viruses or spyware that are constantly running and generating excessive internet use.
    • If you own a security camera that is connected to the internet, use a motion sensor so your camera only activates when there is movement. We also recommend you manage your archived footage and delete files that you no longer need.
    • Set your spam filters so your email isn’t processing a high volume of unwanted messages.
    How do I change my network name or password?
    You can do this by calling our friendly internet Technical Support Team any time 24/7 at 888.659.6009.
    How can I ensure my personal information is protected online?

    Security is a concern for many users on the internet. On websites where you see the lock symbol in your browser (either to the bottom right or next to the address bar) if the lock is in the locked position, this indicates an encrypted (secure) session. Once the lock is present, your transactions are deemed safe by the site you are currently browsing.

    Why should I have a password on my internet connection?

    Without password protection, your wireless connection is open to absolutely anyone who happens to be in close proximity to your location, even those driving by. Hackers could easily park near your home and access your network. They could even do illegal actions like download inappropriate content, torrent movies, etc.

    How can I create a strong password for my wireless connection?

    Here are a few tips:

    • Secure your connection with the strongest encryption method that’s supported by your router. (example: WPA-PSK ) Newer model modems often have stronger encryption methods.
    • Use a strong password that is difficult to break. Using a password different than other passwords you often use may be helpful. You could also consider using numbers, syllables, etc. that are different than other common combinations like your anniversary date, birthday date or name of your pet/children.
    • Change the name of your internet network. The default network name that comes pre-programmed into most routers firmware usually identifies the brand of router you’re using – a very handy piece of information for a hacker. Unlike the password, you can use anything you want for the network name since it doesn’t really need to be kept a secret.
    What’s the difference between the ways internet gets to my home? Is one better than the other?

    You can get internet access through traditional coaxial cables (using cables already installed in your home) or through a fiber optic network. Cable internet service requires a modem and professional installation but is still the most commonly used service for homes because it is more cost-effective and uses existing infrastructure. Fiber optic networks are thin strands of pure glass that carry internet across long distances. These networks need to be installed separately and are more time-consuming and costly, but they are faster. A fiber optic network travels at the speed of light—laser light—which makes it faster than both the speed of electricity (100 times faster) and the speed of sound (1 million times faster).

    In addition to incomprehensible speed, fiber optic technology also offers extremely high capacity. For this reason, it is quickly becoming the standard for many businesses.

    What’s the difference between megabits or megabytes?

    A megabit is a unit of measurement for internet speed, while a megabyte measures file size and impacts your data consumption. To learn more about the differences between internet speed and internet data usage, check out this helpful infographic.

    How can I protect my children online?

    In this digital age, it’s natural to be concerned about your children’s online activities. It’s important to have an ongoing discussion with your children and teach them to use internet safely from a young age. While we can not guarantee your child's online safety, here are some helpful tips.

    How can I protect my computer from viruses?

    Computers catch viruses in many ways, primarily by execution of a program containing a virus. As a user, you are responsible for taking precautions to protect your device from viruses. By becoming a Ritter internet customer, you have access to antivirus software with TechHome.

    How long does it take to install internet service?

    Typically a technician installation appointment for a modem with a single computer will take about an hour to an hour and a half. Speaking with a Ritter representative will give you a more accurate estimate of the time required to install your internet service.

    How is spam controlled?

    If you experience issues with spam email, try the following instructions to help resolve those issues. If you are using a mail client such as Outlook, right click on the spam email you've received and select the option that reads as "Spam," "Junk," "Block Sender," etc. If you are using webmail, open the spam email and choose "Mark as Spam."

    How can I set parental controls?
    1. Using your remote, select the  “menu” button.
    2. Scroll down to “Settings”, hit OK.
    3. Scroll down to “Parental”, hit OK.
    4. From here you have the options to change you PIN, edit locked channels, set ratings restrictions, set time restrictions and other options.  The default PIN is set to 0000.
    Can I watch shows online on my phone, laptop or tablet through a network app or website like ABC or ESPN?

    Yes! You can watch network programming online if 1) you're an existing Ritter Communications residential TV subscriber, 2) you pay for the TV package that includes the network you're trying to watch content from online and 3)  if that network offers their content online for viewing through an app or on their website.

    For instructions on how to activate this free feature included with all Ritter TV customers, visit this Watch TV Everywhere page. 

    Not all networks have their content available to view online. This is a decision of the network and not Ritter. If you want to watch programming from a TV network online that you do not currently have on your existing TV tier subscription from Ritter, you will not be able to watch the programming online. You would need to upgrade and subscribe to the TV tier that includes the TV network you wish to watch online. To do this, give us a call at 870.336.3515.

    What do I do if I see tiling on my TV like little squares or puzzle pieces?

    Do NOT unplug the power cord. Call our Technical Support team before you do anything at 888.659.6009.

    What do I do if a TV channel is giving an error message or is blank?
    Turn off the TV, remove the power cord for 30 seconds, plug the power cord back into the outlet and turn the TV back on. Still didn't work? Give us a call at 888.659.6009.
    What do I do if my sound has static or a buzzing in it?

    If you hear a static-type sound or buzzing in the audio while you watch a program, the audio settings between your TV and the cable box may not be set within the optimal quality range. You can correct these settings by doing the following:

    1. Using the volume control buttons on the TV, turn the volume all the way down to 0.
    2. Press the CBL button on your Ritter remote. Using the volume controls on the cable box, turn up the volume until it is at its maximum.
    3. Using the TV volume controls again, raise the volume to a comfortable level.
    What do I do if I have no sound for local channels?

    If you have audio on most channels, but have silence on some or all of your local network channels, you may have the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) turned ON. To turn OFF the SAP on your TV:

    1. Press the Menu button on your TV remote. Scroll down to the audio settings.
    2. Locate the SAP option and turn it off.

    Your audio should return. If unable to locate this option, please refer to the manufacturer’s guide for your TV for more information.

    What do I do if my picture is not in color?

    Try the following fixes for issues with color displaying on screen:

    • Make sure the current TV program is broadcast in color.
    • Disconnect and reconnect all connections between the cable box and TV (or VCR player if connected to a VCR player).
    • Adjust the TV color controls, referring to the user guide provided by the manufacturer of your TV.
    How many hours of guide data can my DTA box get?

    If you’re a Northeast Arkansas customer it is 14 hours. If you are a West Tennessee customer it is 24 hours. To receive more hours of guide data, the next option is to upgrade to a TV service using one of our digital boxes. Click here or call 870.336.3515 to request to speak to a representative about this.

    What is the difference between the TV tiers (basic, expanded and select)?
    To view what TV tiers and options are available to you visit the TV lineup for your area or call us at 870.336.3515.
    What does the FollowMe TV app do?

    Ritter's FollowMeTV app for Whole Home DVR has three main features. With the app, you can:

    • View the TV guide
    • Set recordings when you're away from home
    • Use your phone or tablet as a remote control (including access to parental controls)
    Will I need to purchase any special equipment to use Ritter Whole Home DVR?

    No, you do not have to purchase any additional equipment. There is a monthly subscription fee per DVR and your digital receiver will be replaced with a DVR-enabled receiver.

    How do I connect my Amazon Echo with Alexa to my Whole Home DVR?
    To ensure your Amazon Echo device with Alexa integrates with your Whole Home DVR box properly follow these easy steps. 
    What is HDTV?

    HDTV stands for high-definition television. HDTV is a class of digital television that provides a very high-resolution picture with Dolby digital surround sound. The higher resolution picture, displaying up to 10 times more image detail than standard TV, is the primary selling point for HDTV. HD signals also display in 16:9 aspect ratio as opposed to the standard 4:3 (a loss of up to 55% of the frame on movies filmed for the big screen), this allows viewers to see the whole screen.

    What are the requirements for receiving HD programming?

    If you are a Ritter customer, you need to subscribe to the Select TV package, have an HDTV TV set with either a built-in tuner or an add-on tuner, pay to buy the HD package and have an HDTV receiver.

    Do I get premium service on all TV sets in the house?

    If you subscribe to any premium service, you will receive the multi-channel premium service on those TV sets connected to a digital receiver.

    Can I get cable on all the TV sets in my house?

    Ritter requires you to have a digital television adapter (DTA) for Basic, Expanded and Digital Cable for each TV that you would like to receive cable TV service on.

    One DTA is included. Additional DTAs may be leased from Ritter for a small monthly fee. You can also use a Whole DVR Solution box, set-top box or another DVR box. Only those TV sets equipped with a form of this digital equipment will receive cable services.

    What is Digital Music Choice?

    Music Choice is a commercial free digital music service that is included at no additional cost in the Digital Cable package. Music Choice includes different music formats, each playing a specific music type such as Jazz, Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues, etc. Simply tune to the channel you like and enjoy!

    How do I record on my DVR but watch another channel at the same time or record two shows at once?

    Complete the following steps:

    1. Tune to the show you want to record.
    2. Press the REC button on the remote control.
    3. Press the Up or Down arrow button on the remote to highlight either One Episode or Record This Show.
    4. Press the A or SELECT button on the remote to begin the recording.
    5. Tune to the other channel you want to watch.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 above to record this channel at the same time.
    How do I order movies and special events?

    To purchase Pay Per View from the Program Guide on a DVR Cable Box:

    1. Press the GUIDE button.
    2. Press the arrow buttons to highlight a PPV program you want to purchase.
    3. Press SELECT.
    4. Select BUY then follow on-screen prompts.

    Press the Exit button to return to the Program Guide. You will be alerted once the movie/event starts. If you decide to cancel a purchase, follow the same prompts to cancel prior to the start of the movie/event.

    If you're unable to order a PPV event:

    Try resetting your equipment. If this does not resolve your problem, there could be an issue with your account. Typical account problems are:

    • Your PIN may need to be reset.
    • You could have a billing issue with your account preventing you from ordering PPV events.

    You will need to contact Ritter in order to have your PIN reset or to resolve billing issues related to Pay Per View content.

    How do I use parental control?

    Parental Controls allow you to block programs by channel, rating, or time of day. Before any block can be set, a PIN must be enabled to prevent unauthorized changes. To set the PIN, use these steps:

    1. Press the SETTINGS button twice on the Ritter remote control.
    2. Press the up or down arrow on the remote to highlight the Parental Control option.
    3. Press the SELECT button on the Ritter remote control.
    4. Enter a 4-digit PIN number to enable Parental Controls. Make sure to write down the 4-digit PIN in a safe place so you can remember what it is.
    5. Re-enter the 4-digit PIN to confirm that it was entered correctly.

    After setting the 4-digit PIN, simply choose the criteria:

    • Block by Rating
    • Block by Channel
    • Block by Time Period

    If you forget your PIN number, the account holder must contact us to reset it.

    How to Turn Off Parental Controls

    1. Tune to a blocked channel.
    2. Enter your 4-digit PIN. All blocked programs can now be viewed.

    How to Turn Parental Controls Back On

    Simply change the channel. This resets the box to its previous state.

    To learn more about what TV ratings mean, go to the next question.

    What do the TV ratings mean?

    TVY: All Children

    Appropriate for all children.

    TVY7: Directed to Older Children

    Designed for children ages 7 and above. It may be more appropriate for children who have acquired the developmental skills needed to distinguish between make-believe and reality. Themes and elements in this program may include mild fantasy violence or comedic violence, or may frighten children under the age of 7.

    TVY7FV: Directed to Older Children-Fantasy Violence

    This rating applies to those programs where fantasy violence may be more intense or more combative than other programs in this category.

    TVG: General Audience

    Most parents would find this program suitable for all ages. It contains little or no violence, no strong language and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.

    TVPG: Parental Guidance Suggested

    This program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children, including moderate violence (V), some sexual situations (S), infrequent coarse language (L) or some suggestive dialogue (D).

    TV14: Parents Strongly Cautioned

    This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age, including one or more of the following: intense violence (V), intense sexual situations (S), strong coarse language (L) or intensely suggestive dialogue (D).

    TVMA: Mature Audience Only

    This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This program contains one or more of the following: graphic violence (V), explicit sexual activity (S) or crude indecent language (L).

    What do I do if my picture is snowy or fuzzy or does not show up at all?

    First, you will want to check your connection. You can do that by following the instructions here. To check power connections:

    1. Look for loose power cords. Make sure they are plugged in all the way.
    2. If the wall outlet is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is in the ON position.

    To check video connections:

    1. Tighten loose coax cable, (threaded).
    2. Tighten loose video cable (yellow).
    3. Tighten loose HDTV cables (set of red, blue and green connectors).
    4. Follow the cables to ensure they have not been damaged in any way.

    Important: Make sure the color of the cable connectors match the color of the plug-in ports, especially the yellow connector or the set of HDTV red, blue, and green connectors. If there were no loose connections, then you will want to check for a setting that was changed.

    If a VCR is connected, then:

    1. With the TV ON, turn the VCR OFF (and DVD player OFF, if installed). If the TV picture did not return, go to the next step.
    2. Turn ON the TV and VCR. Put the TV and VCR on the same channel, usually channel 3 or 4 (also try channel 2). Older VCRs have a small switch on the back panel that switches from channel 3 to channel 4.

    If the TV was recently used to play video games, VCR tapes, DVD movies or home camera movies, then you may need to return the INPUT to the TV:

    1. Press the INPUT button (may be labeled TV/Video, Source or Antenna) on the TV or the remote control that came with the TV.
    2. A menu will display on the TV screen. Select the option for TV. It may be labeled Cable TV, CATV, CAB, Input 1, Video 1, Antenna 1, AV1, HDMI, DVI or another name (check the TV user manual). Usually, the label describes the type of connection from the cable box to the TV (such as cable, AV, HDMI, DVI or Component).
    3. Or select each option, one at a time, returning to live TV to see if the option restored the picture.
    What do I do if my sound is not working?

    Try the following quick fixes:

    • Press the MUTE button once. If audio does not return, press MUTE again to return it to its original status.
    • Make sure loosened audio cables are plugged in.
    • Make sure the equipment is turned on, volume turned up, and connected or switched to either the TV, cable box, DVD or VCR. Review connection diagrams that came with the equipment
    What is a V-chip?

    The V-chip works in conjunction with the TV ratings system to allow parents to block programming they do not want their children to see. After becoming familiar with the TV ratings, parents can identify the level of programming they want to block. Then, by following the directions in the TV manual, parents can set the V-chip to block programs with certain ratings. The settings are password protected and can be changed at any time. For more information, visit www.tvguidelines.org.

    What is TV Everywhere?

    TV Everywhere is an authenticated video streaming on-demand platform. Basically it gives you access to watch TV programs from network websites on internet using devices like your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

    What are the benefits of TV Everywhere?
    • TV everywhere from Ritter Communications is free to qualified customers. There is no extra charge to use it.
    • In order to qualify for this feature, you must subscribe to a Ritter Communications TV package.
    • TV Everywhere includes live TV and full episodes of current TV shows.
    Is there a minimum broadband speed required for viewing TV Everywhere?
    The minimum speed required varies depending on the type of video content being streamed (SD, HD, 4K and length of video). As is all video streaming, the higher internet speed connection you subscriber to, the better the internet experience will be. Also keep in mind the number of devices using the internet connection you’re using while viewing TV Everywhere content may affect your viewing experience. The more devices using the internet connection and the heavier broadband dependent activities performed will affect your internet performance. If you’re experiencing slow download speeds or buffering, first disconnect other devices from your wireless network. If that doesn’t improve your internet performance, reboot your modem by unplugging it from the power source for about one minute and then plugging it back into the power source. If this still does not help your internet performance, feel free to call our help desk 24/7 at 888.659.6009.
    How is TV Everywhere different from something like Hulu or Netflix?

    There are several differences. TV Everywhere:

    • Is FREE. There is no extra charge to use it because it is included in your Ritter TV package. Over-the-top (OTT) media services like Hulu, Netflix and others cost a monthly subscription.
    • Includes live TV. For example, TV Everywhere includes live game coverage on NFL Network and WatchESPN. Over-the-top (OTT) media services like Hulu, Netflix and others often only provide previously recorded shows.
    • Has full episodes of current TV shows within days of their premiere. You can also catch up on the entire seasons or previous seasons of your favorite shows.
    What programs are available for TV Everywhere?
    TV Everywhere is dependent on the network websites for the content. TV Everywhere shows do not come from Ritter Communications but instead come from network like ESPN, Freeform, Lifetime, etc. TV Everywhere simply authenticates that you are a paying subscriber to that network’s content through the local TV company, like Ritter Communications. Therefore, it provides you access to their programming on their website because you subscriber to the network through a TV tier of the local TV service provider.
    How much does TV Everywhere cost?
    Nothing. At this time, there is no extra cost for TV Everywhere so feel free to explore. You only need to be a subscriber to a Ritter TV package. However, please be mindful if you’re using cellular internet instead of a local wifi connection. You might incur overage charges from your cellular carrier if you exceed the allotted data amount for your cellphone plan.
    Where can I get TV Everywhere?
    The answer is just about everywhere! TV Everywhere works anywhere you can receive an internet signal: inside your house, at the office, shopping mall, hotel, airport, vacation home, etc. Wired connections (using ethernet cords) normally provide stronger signal strength than wireless networks often resulting in better internet connection. The quality of TV Everywhere signals while roaming (airports, stores, etc.) will vary depending on the strength of the signal. Be extra careful when you travel, especially outside the US. Data roaming charges from your cellphone provider may apply and they can be very expensive. 
    How do I use TV Everywhere?

    It is easy to start using TV Everywhere. The first step is registration.

    1. Go to www.watchtveverywhere.com and select Ritter Communications as your TV provider. You will need your Ritter Communications account number to register. This can be found at the top of your monthly bill which you can access through online billing here. You can also call our customer care team at 888.336.4466 to gain this information.
    2. Click on Register at the top left hand side, fill out the fields and click Register at the bottom. Keep in mind, the account number needs to be keyed in exactly as it is listed on the bill. Example: 00012345-6
    3. Check the email address you just provided and click on the link to complete the registration process. You will find an email message with your TV Everywhere activation link. Once you click on the link, you will be directed back to the watchtveverywhere.com website.
    4. From here you can log in using the credentials you just created.
    5. Now you’re set and you can begin to enjoy TV Everywhere! Either click on any of the network logos found on the homepage to be directed to the network website or simply search the network website and access their content from that route. If you’ve already logged into your TV Everywhere account you will not be asked to log in again once on the network website if you’re using the same device you just logged in with.

    Consider writing your log in credentials down so you remember the email address and password for future uses.

    Which devices can I use to access TV Everywhere?
    Most internet using devices can access network websites. If you can access the network website or app and log in with your TV Everywhere credentials you should be able to view content. Common devices used with TV Everywhere include PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Android phones. Several TV networks are also now available on Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and XBox. However, some TV networks have not made all their programs available on all platforms. Visit your device's app store and search by the network name for available applications.
    How many different devices can I use to watch TV Everywhere at the same time?
    The number of devices that can log into the same network using the same email and password are set by each network. For example: Turner Broadcasting, which includes Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies and CNN among other networks, allows five.
    Does watching TV Everywhere count against my mobile data plan?
    It might. Many people use TV Everywhere when they’re not at home and when they’re on the go. Check your data plan before you start watching streaming shows on a smartphone or tablet using cellular internet connection. TV Everywhere programs transmit a lot of data. That can become expensive if you have a limited data plan. Please know that we have no way of knowing when you have exceeded your data plan and that cellular internet service is from your phone provider like Verizon or AT&T and not Ritter Communications. You are responsible for all of the charges made by your mobile carrier.
    Is TV Everywhere integrated into the new iPhone IOS update?

    Yes. Since the iOS 11.1 software update, your iPhone includes a section within your settings so you can connect your phone to view TV content from different networks.

    Simply go to your settings and select “TV Provider” and select “Ritter Communications”. It will direct you to a log in landing page. Here you can type in your TV Everywhere log in credentials. If you have not made an account yet, you can select “Forgot Password” and it will direct you to watchtveverywhere.com where you can select Ritter Communications and “Register”. After setting up your log in credentials you can sign onto the platform in your phone settings. After this is complete it will allow you to download multiple network apps like WatchESPN, Disney, etc. Keep in mind the more apps you download the more memory it will take up on your smartphone.

    What is NexTV?
    NexTV is a form of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). The TV signal travels through Ritter’s secure internet to get to your house’s box that is connected to your TV. To view the full lineup of 230+ channels, click here. There are three tiers of service - Basic, Expanded and Select. You can also buy the movie package or the sports package and add it to any of these three tiers. For pricing details, click here.
    Will NexTV work on all my TVs ?
    NexTV is compatible with TVs that have an HDMI port. If your TV has an HDMI input, it should work.
    How many TVs can I have with NexTV?
    For best TV viewing experience, we suggest watching NexTV service on a maximum of three TVs at a time in the same home. Because NexTV provides TV channel signals over the internet, your home must have enough internet bandwidth to handle streaming TV service on three different TVs at one time.
    Are the NextTV set top boxes wireless?

    All NexTV set top boxes are hardwired because we want our customers to have the best viewing experience possible. For this type of service, a hardwired connection is better than a wireless connection since the internet can travel more effectively through a wired connection.

    How long does it take to install NexTV?

    Install times will vary depending on the number of set top boxes and their locations in the home.You can expect the install for this product to last about 2.5 hours. Our teams will work with you to schedule a technician visit that is convenient for you.

    Can I have multiple TVs on one NexTV set top box?
    Ritter Communications does not provide the equipment or the service to have multiple TVs connected to one NexTV box. If you wish to do this, there are HDMI splitters available for purchase from a third party vendor. Keep in mind we will not provide the service to connect these or to maintain them.
    How do I change my NexTV box settings so it doesn’t go to sleep?
    After four hours of inactivity, your NexTV box will automatically go to sleep. To change this setting follow these steps:
    1. Press Menu on the remote and scroll down to “Settings”
    2. Select “Settings” with the “OK” button and scroll down to “Display”
    3. Select “Display” with the “OK” button and scroll down to “Auto Standby”
    4. Press the left arrow on the remote to change the setting to “Disabled”
    5. Press the down arrow to highlight “Save” and press the “OK” button.
    How do I work my NexTV remote?
    Click here to see a diagram of your remote buttons. If you need additional information, click here to read the full user guide.
    How do I work the NexTV app?
    Download the free “Manage My TV” app from the Apple Store or Google Play and pair it to your TV. You can reference instructions and photos from clicking on any of the app store links. Within the app, there is a remote you can use if you misplace your actual remote. The app lets you set recordings from your phone, so if you’re away from home and want to record the evening news or a popular TV show that you know you’ll miss, just open the app and click record!
    How do I pair the Manage My TV app to my NexTV account?
    When you open the app it asks for three things:  URL, Username, and Password
    1. Enter nextv.rittercommunications.com in the URL field
    2. Enter your full 10 digit phone number in the Username field (with no spaces)
    3. Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number into the Password field, and click “Sign In”
    How does the What’s Popular feature with NexTV work?
    You can view what’s popular in your area by clicking the yellow button on the remote and selecting “What’s Hot.’ It will display the most popular TV programming that people in your area are currently watching. This is a great tool to help give you popular content if you’re browsing for something to watch. Click here to see an example.
    What is the restart feature on NexTV?
    Conveniently rewind shows with the NexTV “Restart” feature. Say you’re on the guide scrolling through content to watch and you see your favorite movie on the guide.  The bad news is after you click on it, you discover you’ve missed it and the credits are playing. With the restart TV feature, you can highlight the program in the guide and press the green button on your remote. The program will start over from the beginning, as long as there is time remaining on the program - even though you didn’t record it.
    How does the NexTV cloud DVR work?
    Unlike much of our competition, we offer a cloud DVR service. When you use NexTV, the shows you record are stored in the cloud and not on your local set top box in the home. This is a more reliable and convenient DVR storage solution because your shows are always safely stored. Even if a kid spills juice on your box or a lightning strike surges power to the box, your recordings aren’t impacted. If your box becomes damaged, you would simply get a new one from Ritter Communications, connect it at your house and all your recordings would still be accessible to you. Plus, if your storage space gets full, you can easily buy more by calling us at 888.336.4466. The more data storage you buy, the more shows you can record at once!
    1. $10/mo 1Tb package = 12 recordings at once
    2. $5/mo 500Gb package = 6 recordings at once
    3. $3/mo 250Gb package = 3 recordings at once
    Click here to view the colors of buttons at the bottom of the screen to push within the recordings menu to take specific actions.
    How can I watch my shows on the go?

    Watch TV from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or laptop using TV Everywhere. To sign up and learn more, click here.

    How can I access weather information on NexTV?

    In addition to watching the weather from popular TV networks like WeatherNation and your local broadcast stations, you can also quickly and conveniently access local weather straight from an app within your NexTV box. It will look similar to this.

    Simply, press the red button on your remote.  At the bottom of each window, there are colored dots that tell you which colored button to push on the remote to access that feature. Once you are in the weather app, press the green button to access the five-day forecast or the yellow button to access the radar. While in the radar screen, you can press the blue button to animate or freeze the radar. It will look similar to this. Vestibulum sit amet nisi ut neque congue vestibulum at at eros. Duis in mauris scelerisque, molestie enim et, porttitor ante. Curabitur vitae commodo nibh. Pellentesque quis commodo est, ac pharetra odio.


    Why do I see light blue in the center of the weather radar even when the weather is clear on my NexTV?

    The radar image is a base reflectivity image from the National Weather Service, and it shows ground clutter around the radar site when there isn’t any actual precipitation in the area.

    How can I access games on NexTV?

    Press the yellow button on your remote and select “Games.”  Once in a game, look to the bottom of the screen for colored dots that let you know which colored button on the remote to push for certain actions. The “Info” button on the remote will pull up instructions for the game.

    How do I utilize the caller I.D. feature on NextTV?
    1. Press the Menu button on the remote and select “Settings.” It will display this.
    2. From the Settings Menu, arrow to the right and choose Phone to adjust the Caller ID Settings.
    3. From the Phone Options menu you can turn Caller ID pop-ups on or off. You may also adjust the length of time the pop-up remains on the screen from 6, 9, 12, 18, or 21 seconds.
    What is channel 1 on NexTV?

    Channel 1 on your NexTV lineup is a tutorial channel that plays on a loop and has over an hour of very helpful information on how to use your NexTV service and remote.

    What if my NexTV channels aren’t working correctly?

    First, reboot your set top box by unplugging from the power cord for 10 seconds  and plug back in.

    If that doesn't work, you need to reboot the modem by doing the same thing - unplug the power cord for 10 seconds and plug back in. Allow at least five minutes for your connection to re-establish.

    If your service still isn’t working, call us at 888.659.6009 so our technical support team can assist further.

    Where are my local channels?
    To access the full lineup, including all of your local channels, click here or reference the channel guide the technician left in your home on install day. If you do not have a channel guide in your home, you can obtain a new copy by visiting the nearest office location. Click here to view our office locations and addresses.  
    How do I watch the Cardinals or Hogs games?

    Cardinals games come on networks like ESPN, Fox and Fox Sports. Hogs games come on SEC Network, ESPN channels and sometimes CBS. You can find the channel numbers for these networks here.

    How do I set up my voicemail?

    Setting up your voicemail is easy! If you buy voicemail as a feature to your phone package and you have access to this simply follow the below steps.

    1. Dial *318 from your home phone to access your voicemail.

    2. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit PIN by entering it on the keypad and then pressing #. You will also be asked to confirm it by re-entering and pressing # again. The system default PIN is 0000.

    3. You will be prompted to record your name. Just say your name and press #. To re-record your name, press 1. To keep the recording, press#.

    4. Once you have recorded your name, you will be prompted to select a greeting. You can record your own greeting by pressing 1, and then # when you are finished. Or, you can use one of the standard greetings by pressing 2, 3 or 4 (just follow the instructions).

    5. Your mailbox is now ready to use.


    How do I listen to my voicemail?

    Listening to your messages is simple. You'll find instructions for both Arkansas and Tennessee customers here. Please be aware you must buy voicemail as a feature to your phone service to use this feature. 

    1. To access your mailbox and listen to your messages from home, press*318. To access your mailbox from another phone, dial your home phone number and press * when you hear the greeting. For Tennessee customers, please dial 873-6246 and press 1 to access your mailbox from another phone.
    2. Enter your four-digit PIN and listen to your messages after pressing 1.

    Listening to Your Messages and Other Options From the Main Menu:

    1. Press * to return to the main menu at any time.
    2. Press 1 to listen to your messages. Then:
      • press 2 to save the message and listen to the next message
      • press 3 to delete the message and listen to the next message
      • press # to save as a new message
      • press 66 to listen to the date and time of the message
    3. Press 3 to access your greeting.
    4. Press 4 to change your mailbox settings.
    5. Press 5 to manage your reminder settings.
    6. Press 6 to manage erased messages.



    *Voicemail package must be set to allow this capability.

    How do I use call return?

    Just dial *69 and follow the prompts given to you over the phone. Keep in mind you may need to purchase this feature if you haven't already to access this. 

    How do I trace a harassing call?

    If you are receiving obscene, threatening or harassing calls, use Customer Originated Trace to have the number of the calling party traced and printed out by Ritter Communications. This feature enables a customer to initiate an automatic trace of the last call received. To activate a trace, dial *57. After you hear a tone, dial 1 and follow the instructions. If you receive a busy signal when this is done, there was no data for the system to retrieve.

    Please note: It is your responsibility to contact your local law enforcement agency and advise them that you have activated a trace through Ritter Communications. When activated, the information of the caller is sent to Ritter Communications. Under no circumstances will you be provided the information of the caller. Ritter Communications will provide the requested information to the proper law enforcement agency upon their request.

    How do I forward my calls?

    To forward your calls to another phone (including any wireless phone), simply follow these steps. Keep in mind you may need to purchase this feature if you haven't already to access this feature. 

    1. Dial *72 to forward all calls; dial *92 to forward only calls not answered in the first three rings; dial *90 to forward only calls when your phone is busy.
    2. Dial the area code + the number of the phone where you want your calls forwarded.
    3. This will create a call to that number. Once that call is answered and you hang up the phone, the feature will be activated. If the phone is not answered, your phone calls will not be forwarded.

    To turn call forwarding off:

    1. Dial *73 if you forwarded all calls; dial *93 if you forwarded only calls not answered in the first three rings; dial *91 if you forwarded only calls when your phone is busy.
    What is speed calling and how do I use it?

    Speed calling provides one-digit speed dialing for a short list of up to 8 telephone numbers or a longer list of up to 30 numbers. You can program in both local and long-distance numbers. Call 870.336.3515 to add this feature to your account. 

    To set up your speed calling numbers:

    1. Dial *74 for the short list or dial *75 for the longer list
    2. Listen for a second dial tone, then press a speed calling number (2 through 9 for a short list; 20 through 49 for a long list). Enter the telephone number to be assigned to that speed calling number.
    3. A short confirmation tone will notify you that the new speed calling code and telephone number combination have been entered correctly. After this is complete, to use speed calling, simply dial the number (2 through 9) assigned to the phone number you want to call, then press the # key.
    How do I use three-way calling?

    With three-way calling, you can talk to two different people on one call, even if one is long-distance. To place a three-way call:

    1. After you call the first person, press the flash button or the switch hook.
    2. Listen for three short tones and then a dial tone.
    3. Dial the telephone number of the second person you want to add to the call.
    4. When they answer, press the flash button or the switch hook and the second party will be added to the call.

    To add this purchased feature to your account, give us a call at 870.336.3515.

    Where can I find a list of all calling features and codes?

    Right here! Below is a quick reference guide for you to use. Keep in mind you may need to buy some of these features to have them accessible on your account. To do that, give us a call at 870.336.3515.

    How do I access the Ritter directory?

    That's easy! Simply visit Ritter411.com.

    How do I pay my bill?

    Customers can make payments by the following methods:

    • Online - Click here to get started.
    • In Office - Click here for a list of office locations.
    • By Phone - Call us at 888.336.4466 and make payments 24/7.
    • By Mail - Click here for the address to send your payment to.
    • Local Payment Center - Click here for a list of payment centers.

    Visit this page for videos to show you how to read your bill, sign up for online billing and how to make a payment online. 

    How do I read my monthly bill?

    Click here to watch a video on the various sections within your monthly bill.

    How do I set up online bill pay?

    Set up online bill pay by registering an online account here. Please have your most recent Ritter invoice available to assist with the registration process. Click here to view a video with instructions.

    How do I sign up to receive the $1 auto bill pay credit?

    Receive $1 off each month by signing up for automatic draft using your bank account information or a credit/debit card. Set up auto-pay by logging into the online bill pay site, or you can do so over the phone with a Ritter Customer Service Representative. You must call us at 888.336.4466 so a representative can apply the credit to your account.

    What is Paperless billing?

    Paperless billing allows customers to receive their bill online instead of having a paper bill mailed to you each month. To take advantage of paperless billing you must register for online billing here. Have your most recent bill statement handy when registering for online billing. Once you log in, go to the “Settings” tab. Select “General” and select “Web Bill Only”. Click “Change Preferences” to save. When your bill is ready to view, you will get a convenient email notification letting you know you can log in to view your bill. Here is a video to show you how to sign up for online billing. 

    How are late fees generated?

    A late fee generates when the billing invoice amount is not paid on or before the billing due date assigned. Setting up auto-pay is a great way to help avoid generating late fees.

    Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes! By bundling more services with us, you get a larger discount on your monthly bill. 

    Plus, if you meet the criteria you could also receive the Lifeline discount on either your internet or phone service. Learn more about Lifeline here. 

    Why does my bill show a balance forwarded even though I have paid the amount?
    Payments made after the billing due date may not reflect as “paid” on the very next billing invoice because the payment may have been processed during the same time or after the new billing invoice was generated. To check in real time the status of your payment, log in to the online billing site here.
    If I have authorized a payment to Ritter through my bank online (not Ritter’s online bill pay site), why does it not post to my account the day I authorized it to be paid?
    Even though it may show money drafted from a customer’s account by the bank on the date authorized, Ritter does not receive those funds in real time. The bank mails Ritter a payment on your behalf. It could take up to seven days for Ritter to receive the payment.
    How do I get my services turned back on if they were shut off?
    If your service has been suspended due to non-payment, it will first go under suspension before we disconnect it entirely. If your service is in suspended status, you can still make a payment to your account using the online billing site. Once you've made your payment online, services will be restored within six hours. If your account has been permanently disconnected, you will need to call us at 888.336.4466 so we can reestablish your account for new services.
    What is the Pole attachment and Right of Way fee?
    The Pole attachment and Right of Way fees are charged by various utility companies to allow access to poles and underground facilities required to deliver your Ritter services.
    What is the Sports Programming Fee?
    The sports programming fee is added to offset the skyrocketing costs of sports entertainment. Networks pay huge fees to get contract rights for sports coverage and as a result, they pass the cost down to the end user – you. Unfortunately, program providers like Viacom, FOX, Disney, ABC, Universal and others who often own multiple networks do not offer their individual networks like ESPN, Fox Sports and others a la carte to TV providers like Ritter. Because they own all the content, they set the rules and force TV providers like Ritter to add multiple networks onto our TV system, making it impossible for you to pay only for the channels you watch.
    What is the FCC Subscriber Line Charge?
    The FCC instituted the Subscriber Line Charge in the 1980s to begin collecting more of the costs of the telephone network from local rates.  The FCC ordered more of the cost of the network be allocated to local service and recovered through a surcharge, the Subscriber Line Charge. The FUSC surcharge is a recovery of contributions to the Federal Universal Service Fund.  The surcharge is an assessment on interstate and international long distance charges along with the FCC Subscriber Line Charge. This surcharge supports the Communications Act of 1934 requirement that the level and price of phone service in rural areas be comparable to urban areas.
    Why does Ritter increase rates?

    It is our priority to provide the most up to date products and services to you, your family and your business at the best value.  We continually invest in the local infrastructure to make sure you enjoy the technologies typically available only in major metropolitan areas. Rising programming costs, along with our infrastructure investments, occasionally require us to implement small rate increases so we can continue to meet the ever-growing demand for the latest technology and entertainment.

    Additionally, we sometimes offer special promotional rates, and you may see an increase in your monthly bill when those expire.

    What is the FCC regulatory Cable TV fee?

    The FCC is not funded by tax dollars but rather by fees that are assessed to the companies which it regulates. The FCC charges a per-subscriber fee to fund cable TV operations. This is a direct passthrough to the FCC.

    What is a Broadcast Surcharge?

    Cable operators like Ritter Communications have to pay fees to broadcast stations to get permission to “retransmit” their signals. The Broadcast Surcharge is a fee that is paid directly to broadcast TV stations for the right to carry local programming - such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates - on our cable system.

    Why is my first bill higher than my other bills?

    Your first bill from Ritter will normally be higher than the next month’s bill because it will include a full month of charges billed in advance plus prorated charges and may also include one-time installation charges. Services on your bill are prorated from the completed installation date to the billing period start date. For example, if your services were installed on the 15th and your billing begins on the 1st, your first month’s invoice will show the cost for services for the upcoming month, prorated charges of those 15 days prior to your billing cycle beginning and one time installation charges.

    Can I select the date my bill is due by?
    No. Unlike content providers like Netflix, Amazon Video, etc. who bill you thirty days out from when you signed up, we have billing cycles on which all our customers are represented. Your billing cycle is determined by where you live.
    Is it time to update my system?

    Ten years is a good rule of thumb for security systems to make sure the technology is updated for the customer’s needs.

    Do I need a phone line for my security system?

    No, our security systems are capable of cellular monitoring or wifi where applicable. Therefore having a traditional phone line is not necessary. Internet/wifi is required for connectivity of all the different components of the security system.

    What is cellular monitoring?

    It’s an integrated piece to the home security system that allows monitoring via cell service. This allows connectivity to the monitoring service that alerts you of any security breaches. The security systems utilizes cellular technology as a means of relaying alarm signals but it does not require the use of personal devices, instead these cellular units are matched to the alarm panel which uses the same technology. You do not have to have a cell phone to utilize this.

    How long will the install take?

    Three hours is typical for a basic security system install given there are no unforeseen problems. Since we have three different security system plans to choose from, the install time may increase with larger plans that need more equipment to be added.

    What types of security and home automation systems do you offer?

    We have three types of plans. Each one is wireless and offer different varieties of equipment based on your need. Wired solutions are also available on request.

    Do you offer a warranty on your security systems?

    Yes, there is a 90 day warranty on the parts and labor.

    Do you offer a maintenance plan for the security system?

    Yes, we do! The residential maintenance plan is $9.95/ a month. It includes protection against normal wear and tear of alarm components such as keypads, door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass breakage detectors, smoke detectors, transformers and batteries for the sensors as well as the control panel. We do not cover independent camera systems that are not offered in our Control package in any current Maintenance plan.

    How do I add/delete a user?

    This will depend on the type of security system. All of the appropriate information will be in the user guide provided at the install appointment.

    How does the app work?

    It allows connectivity to your security system through any internet enabled device you may have - smart devices, computers, etc. Click here to view the app in the App Store and here to view the app in Google Play. You can take the app for a “test drive” to see all of the functionality available. The app is only available for use on the Automate and Control plans.

    Is there a limit to how many sensors I can add?

    Yes. The limit depends on the platform or system you have in your home. To learn more give us a call at 888.336.4466.

    Can I add features to my security system at a later date?

    Yes you can add to the system at a later date, but it will depend on the capacity of the system you may have as to what additional features and equipment can be added.

    How do I arm stay and arm away?

    This information will be addressed at the time of install and will be accessible in the documents that will be explained and left behind after installation is complete.

    Can this system protect my out buildings?

    Yes out buildings like sheds, backyard shops and more can be protected if the buildings are within 100-150 feet of the wireless access point.

    Do I need to be present at the time of install?

    Yes, we require an adult to be present for the install due to the orientation, user code settings and other customer provided information that we will needed to successful install your equipment.

    How does the pet sensor work?

    It’s a motion detector with pet immunity meaning if the pet or pets are under 80 lbs. (individually or combined) the motion detector won’t alarm when the pet(s) move around the house.

    What is the resolution of the indoor/outdoor cameras?

    Each camera provides a 1080p resolution.

    How many cameras can a customer have on the system?

    The system is currently set up to monitor four different cameras. However, we can customize a solution should you need more than four cameras.

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