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    GUARDware Details

    GUARDware Details

    How to File a Claim

    It's easy! Simply call 866.728.7095

    A fast and friendly claims process will minimize your downtime when the unexpected happens. Call us 7 days a week, from 6 am to 8 pm CST, to file a claim or check the status of an existing claim.

    If the approved claim involves a damaged or malfunctioning device, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to return your device. For a device that is not easily shipped, a technician will be scheduled to troubleshoot and repair the item in your home.

    If your device cannot be repaired, or the repair cost exceeds the current retail value, your item will be replaced with a refurbished or recertified device of like kind and quality. The replacement device will not exceed the current retail value of the original device and will be shipped and delivered in as soon as 5 business days.

    When filing a claim, have the following information ready:

    1. Your Ritter Account Number
    2. Make/brand of device
    3. Device Type

    In certain cases, additional documentation may be required.


    Once a claim is filed and approved, a non-refundable deductible of $99 (per item) is required before repair or replacement will be scheduled. Deductible payments will be collected over the phone using a credit/debit card.

    Coverage Information

    This is a brief description of the Coverage and Exclusions that apply to GUARDware. A copy of the coverage documents, with complete details regarding benefits, exclusions and deductibles will be provided to you when you enroll in this program.

    Examples of Causes of Loss Not Covered: Acts of God; misuse, abuse, neglect; failures covered under the manufacturer's warranty; damage caused by non-authorized repairs; pre-existing conditions; loss or failure to antennas, external housing, casings, or consumables that do not affect the mechanical or electrical function of the product; replaceable batteries, or rechargeable batteries; loss or damage to stored data, repairs related to viruses or software that is added after the original product purchase.

    Term: Coverage starts at 12:01 a.m. on the date you enroll.

    Guardware Covers: Accidental Damage: Failures due to drops, spills, structural breaks and cracks. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Functional parts and labor necessary to repair your product should it fail due to normal wear and tear, including power surge.

    Coverage Limits: A maximum of $1,000 applies per covered loss. Additionally, the first to occur of the following limits(s)/aggregate maximum(s) applies to all losses covered over a 12-month period:GUARD 2: four (4) repairs or replacements/$1,000; GUARD 4: eight (8) repairs or replacements/$2,000; GUARD 6: twelve (12) repairs or replacements/$3,000; GUARD 8: sixteen (16) repairs or replacements/$4,000. Once the limit or aggregate maximum amount is reached, the plan will terminate.

    Cancellation: You may cancel your optional coverage at any time by notifying us in writing, returning the contract or calling 888.659.6009. If you cancel within the first 30 days and no claim has been filed, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after the first 30 days, you will receive a prorated refund or credit, if any, of your unearned premium within the applicable time frame required by law.

    Program Provider and Administrator: The provider and administrator is Federal Warranty Service Corporation. This company operates under the trademark Assurant Solutions.

    We are pleased to offer a greener approach to document delivery for GUARDware. Electronic document delivery allows you to receive and store your coverage documents and other important information immediately. It also reduces the amount of paper you receive in the mail, which helps protect our environment. Your contract and all related communications will be delivered by email. To view your documents, you must provide us with an active email address. You also need a device with Internet access and print or storage capability. If you do not receive your contract within 14 business days or would like to request a paper copy, please call us at 866.728.7095.

    To view full Terms & Conditions, CLICK HERE.

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