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We appreciate all the entries & feedback!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

The "My Virtual World" contest was such a success and we couldn't have done it without all of you!

Not only did we get to see all the different and unique ways you and your families are using the internet more in your homes, but we were delighted to receive so many fun photos/videos and awesome testimonials!

As a result, we are proud to say we were able to award $2,500 in bill credits and $2,500 in donations to local K-12 schools!

Check out all the weekly winners below, plus some of the testimonials and fun entries we got during the 10-week contest!

Weekly Winners

  • Trishann Stratton, Blytheville, AR
  • Connie Steakley, Marked Tree, AR
  • Belinda Christopher, Osceola, AR
  • Brandi Crain, Lake City, AR
  • Omaesha Dixon, Osceola, AR
  • Bridget Pankey, Blytheville, AR
  • Felisha Hoy, Blytheville, AR
  • Jordan Ayers, Blytheville, AR
  • Angie Hughes, Blytheville, AR
  • Derek Boatman, Bono, AR
  • Alvin Lewis, Munford, TN
  • Kalin Mayberry, Millington, TN
  • Melissa Southern, Munford, TN
  • Debbie Smith, Millington, TN
  • Rashon Stokes, Millington, TN
  • Katrina Elkins, Millington, TN
  • SaBrina Thornton, Millington, TN
  • Charina Hayes, Atoka, TN
  • Rhonda Eubanks, Brighton, TN
  • John Garcia, Millington, TN

Top 5 Most Inspirational Entries


"Ritter has always been great in tending to my questions and so helpful when I call & inquire about my services. My daughter is still relying heavily on our wifi service to get through this school year. 2020 has been tough on us all! I’m a healthcare worker and am not always here to help her with school. So I’m glad she has reliable internet to use to go online for tutoring and YouTube tutorials for math. Thank y’all for being such a wonderful asset to our community. We appreciate you!"

Melissa S. from Tennessee


"It is so important to our children to have good internet service for the Virtual Learning during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Thank you Ritter Communication for providing this service."

Lana D. from Tennessee

Man playing guitar

"We needed reliable internet before my husband left for deployment and we chose Ritter. My girls and 2 year old boy could video chat with their daddy while he was deployed for 11 months & still do video call, send emails & messages with/to him while he is stationed out of state. Being all virtual for school this year, and dad still being gone, our internet allows him to help with the hard math problems."

Sarah C. from Tennessee

Grandma on Cam

"My parents are older, and not very tech savvy. We are able to stay close and in touch through Skype so I pay for their internet service, all the way from California. There have been a few instances where they experience problems and Ritter Communication responds so quickly, and effectively. I truly appreciate it!"

Kelly P. from Arkansas


"Ritter has been excellent for us! Anytime Will or myself have to do work from home our internet runs smoothly, plus we know if we have any issues they will correct it within minutes. Because of this momma is getting to start back to school this month!"

Brandi C. from Arkansas

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  • $1,500
  • $2,500
  • $3,500
  • $5,000

School Donations and Customer Savings