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Starting on Jan. 1, 2024, your monthly Broadcast TV fee will increase $15 per month. This increase is due to the rising cost of programming fees paid to broadcast TV stations for their right to retransmit their signals on our TV system. 
How much is the increase? What services are increasing?
The broadcast surcharge fee is increasing $15 on all video packages for customers in Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri. 
What is the Broadcast Surcharge Fee?
TV providers like Ritter Communications must pay retransmission consent fees in order to carry local broadcast stations. These fees were established by the 1992 Cable Act at a time when most consumers had only one choice for pay-TV service. Today, consumers have multiple TV options, but Ritter Communications and other providers are still required to follow these 30-year-old rules. 
Retransmission consent fees are dictated by the local broadcasters. While Ritter Communications works to negotiate with the local broadcasters, the stations and their owners continue to demand exorbitant increases if Ritter wishes to continue offering their station. For example, looking at rates since 2010 by the end of 2023, rates will have increased by approximately 2000%. On average, in 2010, Ritter Communications was required to pay $.20 - $.30 per station. Today, we are receiving demands for $7 - $9 per station. 
When will my price go up? 
Customers will notice the increase on their January billing statement. 
How will I be notified about a price change? 
All customers will receive a message on their bill statement 30 days prior to the change. 
What is Ritter Communications doing about the programming increases?
We continually strive to keep our TV rate increases to a minimum and have battled long and hard with our programmers to keep these increases as low as possible. We remain steadfast in our Right by You pledge to bring you the best programming at a fair rate.