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Ritter Communications Completes $16 Million Investment to Provide 100 Percent Fiber Internet Service to Businesses in Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas

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JONESBORO, Ark. – (June 11, 2020) – Ritter Communications, a leading regional broadband provider headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, announced it has made a $16 million investment to bring state-of-the-art communications technology and advanced business solutions to Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas. The company invested $12 million in a transport route along I-30 to get fiber service to Texarkana and another $4 million to build out the business service in the market. Ritter’s advanced suite of telecommunications services now gives Texarkana businesses access to high-speed, 100 percent fiber internet, voice, cloud solutions, networking and television services.

Ritter Communications is the first provider in the Texarkana market to offer XGS-PON service, which delivers up to 10 gigabits per second of 100 percent fiber connectivity to users. Additionally, Ritter Communications is offering custom cloud solutions, empowering businesses to back up and store assets securely. All Ritter services are supported by the company’s own specialized customer care team, eliminating the need for third-party technical support.

“We are excited to bring the most robust and affordable internet solutions to the Texarkana market. Ritter Communications is known for having the fastest speeds, greatest capacity and reliability, with secure connections, and we will be delivering that to Texarkana with our signature exceptional customer experience,” said Alan Morse, Ritter Communications CEO. “With fiber services utilizing signals that travel at the speed of light, Ritter Communications is redefining high-speed connectivity for businesses in the Texarkana region. We are a local company, and our Right by You pledge translates into superior service and solutions in every community we serve, giving our customers and their businesses a competitive edge.”

Ritter Communications began construction to serve Texarkana’s major business corridors earlier this year. The high-speed services will be available to business customers in zones beginning in July. To highlight this milestone of service and to demonstrate its core value of community support, Ritter Communications donated $25,000 to the Texarkana Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s COVID-19 Small Business Support Program. This grant program was established by the Chamber and other community partners to help Texarkana small businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19. Texarkana is an especially unique market for Ritter Communications because the city spans two states, serving customers in both Arkansas and Texas. With the addition of business customers in Texas, the Texarkana market represents the fourth state served by the company.

“We live in a world where a high-speed, dependable connection is a must to maintain a successful business. Our business community understands the necessity of communication. We are happy to welcome Ritter Communications to our business community,” said Mike Malone, Texarkana Chamber of Commerce president. “We are thrilled with their investment in the Texarkana area and their strong contribution to the Chamber Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery relief program.”

Ritter Communications is a regional telecommunications provider, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, serving 92 communities in the region across four states with a full suite of innovative communications services.

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About Ritter Communications: Ritter Communications, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, began providing local phone service in 1906. Today, Ritter Communications serves 92 communities and more than 45,000 customers across Arkansas, northeast Texas, southeast Missouri, and west Tennessee. The company has grown steadily over the years, expanding rapidly and is now the largest privately-held regional broadband fiber, telecom, video and cloud services provider in the Mid-South. Ritter invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best-in-class infrastructure and technology, while coupling it with a world-class customer focused experience. For more information visit www.rittercommunications.com.

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