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Ritter Communications Employees Demonstrate Industry Leadership With MEF-CECP Certifications

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JONESBORO, AR – June 24, 2015 – A dozen Ritter Communications specialists have become the first telecommunications experts in their company to receive certification through the MEF’s Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) program.

Ritter is a member of the MEF, which is a global industry alliance dedicated to worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. The 12 Ritter employees successfully completed the MEF-CECP exam with four of them receiving an outstanding score of 90% or more.

“As we grow our business service offerings and fiber transport business, it is critical we adopt company-wide strategies that adhere to globally adopted standards and best practices to ensure the highest quality of service to businesses of all sizes,” said Alan Morse, President of Ritter Communications. “Achieving MEF-CECP demonstrates our commitment to being a leading communications provider.”

“My congratulations to the Ritter professionals who have achieved MEF-CECP certification,” commented Daniel Bar-Lev, Director Certification and Strategic Programs, MEF. “The company’s dedication to certification will enable Ritter to gain a competitive edge by proving that they have a number of the most qualified professionals in the Carrier Ethernet industry backing their services.”

The MEF-CECP is the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification program and demonstrates that the professionals who have passed this rigorous certification have acquired the key competency and skills to design, market, deploy, and support Carrier Ethernet equipment, networks, and services that represent the next generation of telecommunications technology. 

“Being trained in global Carrier Ethernet standards allows us to translate customer requirements into a standard industry language,” said Greg Sunderwood, Vice President of Engineering at Ritter Communications. “As we grow and collaborate on interconnections and interoperability, these certifications will prove not only valuable, but vital.”

“The MEF-CECP program was created to recognize a level of professional leadership,” said Morse. “It showcases expertise and defines adherence to industry standards that ultimately benefits our customers, and that’s what’s most important.”

About Ritter Communications

Residential services include local and long distance phone service, cable television and High Speed Internet. Business services include customized communications systems and services, including, commercial cable TV, broadband Internet services, managed voice, colocation, WAN/LAN connectivity, metro Ethernet, business continuity services, customized networking, virtual services, Web and e-mail hosting, hosted applications and data back-up services.

Ritter also provides high speed WAN connectivity and metro Ethernet services to several healthcare facilities and provides Arkansas e-link a secure, high availability, cohesive solution that will consolidate network management, utilize broadband intensive applications (such as video conferencing, on-net access, imaging and Internet), streamline clinical operations, connect to ARE-ON and Internet2 and ultimately provide a higher quality of healthcare to a large segment of the population that is currently underserved.

Ritter continues to invest and deploy proven infrastructure and technology to deliver a variety of integrated services, requiring different classes of services over a platform designed for performance, reliability and a superior customer experience. For more information, visit www.rittercommunications.com or www.ritterbusiness.com.

About the MEF

The MEF is the driving force behind the $70+ billion global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technologies and the defining body for LSO standards that underpin emerging Third Network services with CE 2.0, SDN, and NFV.  An industry alliance consisting of 220+ member organizations based in 43 countries, the MEF operates through a powerful collaborative framework of service providers, network solutions suppliers, and other stakeholders to achieve CE 2.0 and LSO development and globalization objectives.

MEF’s flagship work is CE 2.0, including specifications, operational frameworks, and certification programs for services, equipment, and professionals. Visit www.mef.net for more details on these programs. 

Building on fourteen years of success with Carrier Ethernet, the MEF is now focused on development of LSO with APIs to enable paradigm-shifting agile, assured, and orchestrated services over more efficient, automated networks. The MEF’s vision for the transformation of network connectivity services and the networks used to deliver them is referred to as the “Third Network,” which combines the on-demand agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance and security assurances of CE 2.0.  For information on the Third Network and LSO download the MEF’s Third Network Vision & Strategy White Paper and Third Network Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Vision White Paper.

About the MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) Program

Launched by the MEF in 2011, the MEF-CECP Program is the communication industry’s first vendor-neutral certification program for professionals.  Individuals who pass the rigorous MEF-CECP exam demonstrate that they have acquired the key competency and skills to design, market, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet equipment, networks, and services that represent the next generation of telecommunications technology. 

Visit http://www.mef.net/certification-mef-cecp/overview to learn more about the MEF-CECP program and register for the MEF-CECP exam.

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