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SAN DIEGO, October 11, 2023 – ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, will supply Ritter Communications, the largest privately held telecommunications service provider serving exclusively the Mid-South region of the U.S., with its Areca™ Energy Storage Modules to provide backup power for the outside plant of the service provider’s hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network.

The Areca product family is based on hybrid supercapacitor technology, a breakthrough in energy storage that offers significant safety, environmental and total cost of ownership advantages over traditional energy storage mediums, including Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) and Lithium-type batteries. Ritter Communications cited Areca’s market-leading longevity of 20 or more years with little to no maintenance, as well as its support for the company’s green initiatives, as critical to the company’s future standby power requirements.

“Ritter Communications is committed to providing our subscribers with the best, most affordable, and most sustainable broadband experience available,” said Victor Esposito, Senior Vice President at Ritter Communications. “Areca technology enables us to move our backup power operations to a next-gen energy storage technology that helps mitigate rising costs, increases reliability and helps to green up the planet for good measure.”

Ritter Communications is initially deploying Areca 36V Cabinet Modules to provide backup power to the active components in its outside plant. The energy storage modules fit into standard enclosures and are compatible with existing powering systems, enabling Ritter Communications to seamlessly replace existing lead-acid batteries to upgrade their backup power operations with little to no disruption. The upgrade also means Ritter Communications will no longer need to replace its backup power batteries every three-to-five years, which is the average lifespan of lead-acid batteries.

In addition to longer lifecycles and eliminating most environmental concerns, hybrid supercapacitors provide superior discharge and recharge performance compared to alternative energy storage solutions, enabling service providers to explore using stored energy for cost-saving and even revenue-generation applications, such as peak shaving and selling idle energy to utility companies. Areca technology also offers longevity and safety benefits over Lithium-type batteries, which are prone to thermal runaway, a dangerous and difficult-to-contain fire event.

“ATX is pleased to be helping Ritter Communications deliver safe, clean and high-quality broadband across its four-state footprint by improving the performance and reliability of its standby power operations,” said Jess Zelaya, Senior Vice President of Access Sales at ATX. “Our set-and-forget energy storage solution assists in empowering our customers to focus on delivering their customers the best broadband experience in the world.”

Areca Energy Storage Modules will be showcased at this month’s Cable-Tec Expo, the SCTE-sponsored cable industry conference and exhibition that runs from Oct. 16-19 in Denver.

For more information, please visit www.atx.com.


About ATX Networks

ATX Networks is an innovation leader in broadband access, media distribution and sustainable energy storage. ATX’s market-leading and award-winning solutions are based on Agile Innovation design principles, enabling communications service providers to futureproof and evolve their networks in lockstep with market demand and in compliance with environmental standards. ATX partners with the world’s most innovative cable, satellite, fixed telecom, wireless and media broadcast service providers to improve people’s lives by enabling affordable and reliable broadband connectivity and media content for everyone, everywhere. For further information, visit ATX at www.atx.com, and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Ritter Communications

Ritter Communications is the largest privately held telecommunications provider serving exclusively the Mid-South, offering world-class broadband fiber, telecom, video, cloud and data center services. The company has grown rapidly over the years, investing millions recently in technology infrastructure and is now serving 136 communities and more than 49,000 customers in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee. Headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ritter Communications invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best-in-class infrastructure and technology, while coupling it with a world-class customer-focused experience. For more information visit RitterCommunications.com, RitterBusiness.com or RightFiber.com.



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