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Searcy businesses to get big boost in Internet speeds, bandwidth

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Modern business communications hinges on broadband connectivity today, and Internet speeds for local businesses here just hit a new milestone.

Speeds up to 10 Gig (10 gigabits per second) are now available to businesses in Searcy, thanks to a new fiber-optic network serving the city’s main business corridors built by Ritter Communications, an Arkansas-based telecommunications company headquartered in Jonesboro.

“We’re very excited to expand our services to Searcy,” said Susan Christian, vice president of Marketing at Ritter. “Ritter has had great success in offering local businesses in our service areas the kind of advanced services typically found only in large metro areas. We expect the same with this new fiber network in Searcy and its incredibly fast speeds.”

The huge boost in broadband provides business customers in Searcy with a new level of performance options for their high speed Internet, voice services, custom networking, hosted services and customized hardware solutions.

“Businesses need bandwidth to perform better and compete better,” said Steve Smith, vice president at Ritter. “Not everybody needs 10 gigs, but some large enterprise customers in Searcy do. Our network is designed to give every business, small or large, what it needs to excel.”

Besides offering existing Searcy businesses an instant competitive advantage, Ritter’s new ultra-high speed connectivity also gives Searcy’s economic development a strategic edge in recruiting new industry and jobs, Smith said.

“Like other utilities, broadband is a key factor when companies are considering where to locate, because it translates to global market access,” Smith said. “Searcy is suddenly on a very short list of potential industrial sites with 10 gig availability in this region. What the railroad did for communities in the late 1800's is what a broadband network does today, it drives economic development and enables a local economy.”

Another broadband advantage is that faster speeds offer secondary benefits in major commercial sectors.

“The Ritter network expands Searcy’s educational resources beyond geographic boundaries, and facilitates new telehealth opportunities,” Christian said. “The entire Searcy community benefits greatly when patients can get remote diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and consultation with leading specialists anywhere.”

Working with Searcy officials, Ritter Communications is deploying services with a tiered, demand-based approach along established business areas of the city. To learn more, call 888-336-4249 or facebook.com/rittercommunications for more information.

“Everybody sees the investment in fiber, and the super-fast speeds, but Ritter also invests heavily in service and support,” Christian said. “Questions can come up 24/7, so that’s the schedule our Customer Care team keeps, because we proactively support the vital role communications and broadband plays in business.”

“Being Right by You for business customers means having the high speed broadband network to deliver tailored, customized solutions that fit individual businesses,” Smith said. “Nobody does that better than Ritter.”

About Ritter Communications:

Ritter Communications is a regional telecommunications provider serving 59 communities and more than 45,000 customers in northeast and north central Arkansas and west Tennessee with a full suite of communications services. Headquartered today in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ritter continues to expand its services including local and long distance phone service, high speed Internet, broadband Internet, Managed Voice, data center services, Ethernet connectivity, customized networking and hosted applications. Ritter invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best in class infrastructure and technology while pairing it with a world class customer focused experience.

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