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    You asked, we listened.
    Say goodbye to data limits!

    Welcome to an unlimited you!

    You live a connected life, and your high speed internet is more crucial than ever, so we want you to focus on how much you can do with your internet connection, not on how much data you’ve used.

    That’s why we’re simplifying and improving your online experience by removing data limits, beginning January 2021. We are proud to have made significant recent upgrades in our network infrastructure allowing us to deliver a better online experience for you and your family. And we have more to come!

    If you are already paying for unlimited data, this charge will simply be removed from your bill, starting in January 2021!

    Below are some frequently asked questions
    — if you don't see the question or answer you are looking for, feel free to fill out the form and contact us. A representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

    When do no data limits take place?

    We are turning off all data limits effective January 1, 2021.

    Why are you waiting until January 1st?

    Data allowance overage charges are billed in arrears. This will allow us to make the appropriate operational and system changes needed internally prior to billing.

    Why are you making data usage unlimited?

    The internet has become more and more critical for the average household in recent times. We have made significant improvements in our network and other customer impacting areas (and plan to keep going) to ensure your online experience is as seamless as possible. We are to the point now, more than ever before, where the timing is right to roll out this exciting good news so our customers don't have to worry about managing data usage and limits.

    Will I still need to track my data?

    No, you will not need to track your data any longer. You will have access to view your usage, but you will not be charged for your data or incur any overage fees. 

    To view your data usage, simply log into your account here. You will be able to see the same information we see - data usage amounts only, not specific information as to what you're using the internet for.

    Will no data limits slow down my internet speed?

    No, turning off data limits will not affect your internet speed. Your internet speed should remain the exact same as it has always been. If you do experience any interruptions, you can always contact us — click here.

    Will this require an equipment upgrade?

    No, eliminating data limits does not require you to change out any equipment. 

    Is there anything I have to do on my end?

    No, you don't have to do anything. You will just use the internet like normal, but you will not have to manage or check your data usage or worry about going over your limit and being charged more for overages.

    Does this impact my contract?

    No, this does not change any contract terms.

    So, starting in 2021, there will be no charge for how much data I use, right?

    Yes, beginning January 1, 2021, you will not see any charges on your bill for data usage.

    What if I already have and pay for unlimited data?

    We are happy to inform you that all customers currently paying for unlimited data will no longer need to pay for this service next year.

    If you have internet and unlimited data only, you will see a $30 reduction on your bill. If you have internet and unlimited data plus phone and TV services, you will see a $15 reduction on your bill.

    These reduced charges will begin on your January 2021 bill.

    What if I don't have unlimited data?

    You will no longer need to be concerned with tracking your data usage to ensure you do not receive any overage charges on your bill. We want you to focus on how much you can do with your high speed connection, not on how much data you’ve used!

    What about the excessive data users?

    If a Ritter Communications customer consumes an excessive amount of internet data, so much that it negatively impacts the network or other customers, we will handle these very rare situations separately through one-on-one interactions with these customers to find a solution to ensure their data use does not negatively affect other users on the network. Please refer to our Broadband Internet Services Disclosure and Acceptable User Policy to learn more.

    What will my bill cost look like beginning in January?

    Each customer’s bill is unique to their selection of service. However, no bills will increase as a result of the no data limits announcement! In fact, some groups will have their bill reduce by as much as $30 as a result of this change.

    To view the pricing for the services offered in your area, feel free to review our website here.

    Please keep in mind advertised pricing does not includes bundle discounts and all monthly fees. Service availability varies from area to area. To confirm details, please reach out to us at 888-336-4466 or fill out the form below. Thank you!

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