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Why is my internet service price increasing?

To meet the higher costs associated with providing service to our customers, we are increasing our internet service prices by $3 regardless of the speed package. This increase reflects inflationary increases seen throughout telecommunications and other industries in the United States. We have done our very best to limit the impact on our customers and absorbed much of this increase.

On average, U.S. households now have 22 connected devices in their homes and need more speed to support their devices. To provide a better customer experience, we are upgrading 15 and 30 Mbps customers to 50 Mbps at no additional charge. These lower packages are being retired and will no longer be available.

What is the Internet Technology Fee?

The internet technology fee provides a $6.99 savings by including wireless service ($10.00 value), wire maintenance ($3.99 value) and 24/7 support ($5.99 value) by our local, Technical Support team of experts. The Technical Support experts offer preventative solutions and real-time troubleshooting and fixes for Internet-connected devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Also included with the 24/7 support fee is Ritter’s capability to remotely manage and monitor the modems and provide firmware optimization to ensure that the modem is up to date with the latest firmware technology. Wire maintenance is like having insurance to protect you from costly repairs on internet, TV and phone inside wiring.