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    GUARDware Device Protection

    Avoid Expensive Repairs With GUARDware Device Protection

    Protection You Can Trust

    Whether a power surge damages your TV or the kids spill juice on your laptop, things won’t always go as planned. Replacing just one cracked cell phone or damaged laptop can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Protect your home’s most valuable assets from accidental damage—including drops, spills and cracks— and mechanical or electrical breakdown*. Once protected with GUARDware, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about repurchasing an item at full price if your device is registered.

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    Electronic Devices

    With just a $99 deductible per device per claim, we’ll replace the electronic item you’ve purchased in the last three years of registration, including:

    • Cell phones

    • TVs

    • Laptops and Desktop Computers
      (Including Computer Towers)

    • Gaming System Consoles

    • Tablets and eReaders

    • DVD/Blu-Ray Players

    Find A Plan To Fit Your Needs

    Guard 2

    • 2 Devices (Up to 1 Cell Phone)
    • Up to 4 Claims Per Year


    Guard 4

    • 4 Devices (Up to 2 Cell Phones)
    • Up to 8 Claims Per Year


    Guard 6

    • 6 Devices (Up to 3 Cell Phones)
    • Up to 12 Claims Per Year


    Guard 8

    • 8 Devices (Up to 4 Cell Phones)
    • Up to 16 Claims Per Year



    Once a claim is filed and approved, a non-refundable deductible of $99 (per item) is required before repair or replacement can be scheduled. Deductible payments will be collected over the phone using a credit or debit card. If a reconditioned device is not available, we’ll replace the device with a new device of like kind and quality.

    *Excludes losses covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Devices covered include those which were registered within 3 years of purchase. A maximum of $1,000 applies per covered loss. Additionally, the first to occur of the following limit(s)/aggregate maximum(s) applies to all losses covered over a 12-month period: GUARD 2: four (4) repairs or replacements/$1,000 aggregate; GUARD 4: eight (8) repairs or replacements/$2,000 aggregate; GUARD 6: twelve (12) repairs or replacements/$3,000 aggregate; GUARD 8: SIXTEEN (16) repairs or replacements/$4,000 aggregate. Once the limit or aggregate maximum amount is reached, the Plan will terminate. Read Full Details

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    Protection provided by:
    Assurant Solutions

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