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JONESBORO, Ark. (November 10, 2022) – The City of Jonesboro, Arkansas’ fifth largest city, and Ritter Communications, the largest privately held telecommunications provider serving exclusively the Mid-South, offering world-class broadband fiber, telecom, video, cloud and data center services, announced today a historic partnership to create a long-overdue option for internet and television service for residents citywide.

As the city’s official broadband partner, Ritter Communications is investing $45 million in infrastructure and two in-person customer care centers to create a competitive option for service in all parts of the city. This commitment comes in response to a request issued by the City of Jonesboro seeking a broadband partnership to assist with an estimated $60 million project. Ritter will partner with the City of Jonesboro to seek an additional $10-15 million from state and federal sources that will be required to complete the citywide build-out.

The entire build is expected to be complete within three years, aiming to provide every household an opportunity for broadband speeds up to 1 gigabit.

“When I became mayor last year, I began researching what we could do to make sure Jonesboro residents had choices for service. I believe competition will result in a better product and better customer service for Jonesboro residents,” said Mayor Harold Copenhaver. “Internet and TV service issues are probably the most common complaints we receive. Around the state we have seen multiple cities fund this type of investment themselves and the idea that Ritter is willing to bring this magnitude of an offer to make Jonesboro a true Gig City is exciting to see. I cannot thank Alan Morse and the entire Ritter Communications team enough for their commitment.”

Ritter Communications CEO Alan Morse remarked that the company is uniquely suited to meet the private and commercial needs of the residents and businesses of the Jonesboro community with their new RightFiber high-speed broadband and telecommunications services. Morse adds that Ritter’s experience and track record of building successful private-public partnerships that work will prove strategically advantageous for the city in bringing unprecedented access to high-quality connectivity.

“As the home to our corporate offices and the majority of our employees, we have a long-standing investment in this community — financially, culturally, professionally and personally,” Morse said. “Ritter Communications is ready, with our unique RightFiber internet product and our unwavering Right by You pledge, to make game-changing gig-speed internet accessible across Jonesboro — and to position Jonesboro as the most connected city in the NEA region. We are gratified that the City has recognized our capabilities with this award, and we look forward to working with Mayor Copenhaver and his team in this partnership.”

Ritter Communications is a regional telecommunications provider, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas serving more than 113 communities in the region across four states with a full suite of innovative communications services. Learn more at RightFiber.com.


About Ritter Communications: Ritter Communications is the largest privately held telecommunications provider serving exclusively the Mid-South, offering world-class broadband fiber, telecom, video, cloud and data center services. The company has grown rapidly over the years, investing millions recently in technology infrastructure and is now serving 113 communities and more than 45,000 customers in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee. Headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ritter Communications invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best-in-class infrastructure and technology, while coupling it with a world-class customer-focused experience. For more information visit RitterCommunications.com.

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